We carry a range of new and used building materials and hardware, including paint, paint accessories, tools, electrical hardware, and more! We maintain high standards for all donations, accept functional tools only, and sell a range of brand new items, as well.

What We Carry

  • Paint: ReStores sell only low-VOC Latex paint. This includes interior and exterior paint, and primer in 1 gallon and 5 gallon buckets. ReStore carries a wide range of colors, sure to suit your needs!
  • Tools: New and gently used hand and power tools can be found at all of our East Bay and Silicon Valley ReStores. This includes hammers, table saws, drills, sanders, lawnmowers, gardening tools and more.
  • Hardware: To make sure the ReStore is a one-stop-shop, we supplement our used building materials with new hardware, such as nails, screws, drill bits, and more.
  • Electrical: We also sell new and used electrical conduits, switch and outlet plates, plugs, extension cords, and other electrical hardware.

Stick to a Budget with Used Building Materials

Renovations projects can cost a fortune if you’re not careful. Buying materials, fixtures, lightingdoors, windows, cabinets, and anything else you can from the ReStore will help you save on brand-name home improvement necessities. And, if the ReStore doesn’t have what you’re looking for, check out The ReUse People of America. Their store is located right beside ReStore Oakland! They carry a variety of used building materials, including lumber and other essentials.

If you’re looking for pointers on your project, here are 4 Tips for Anyone Who Needs Help With Home Improvement.

Benefits of Buying Used Building Materials

Beyond the cost savings that come with buying used building materials, you are supporting environmental sustainability. Every tool or piece of hardware you purchase is diverted from a landfill. Additionally, all proceeds from your purchase support our nonprofit, Habitat for Humanity, which builds affordable homes for low and middle income families in the Bay Area.

Find a ReStore Near You

Visit a ReStore location near you to find high quality building materials and hardware at discounted prices.

And, if you’re looking for a place to donate the hardware you’re replacing, we can assist you with that, too. We’ll even come to you to pick up the donation! Learn more about donating items to the ReStore.

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