Sustainable Shopping

You won’t find a sustainable shopping experience like ReStore! 

ReStore carries a wide variety of gently-used home improvement products, making it the ideal destination for shoppers who care about sustainability. There’s no need to sacrifice quality to be sustainable – hardware, appliances, and many other products at ReStore come brand new from local businesses and global corporations with overstock. These organizations donate in bulk to support Habitat and keep great stuff out of landfills.

ReStore San Jose

Sustainable Interior Design

Whether it’s seasonal decorating or a serious home makeover, ReStore is always going to have the best selection for your interior design project. We carry a variety of environmentally friendly home decor, eco-friendly furniture and gently-used appliances. From “last chance” bargains to brand name items, you won’t find the same variety anywhere else. And that is all thanks to our donors. Bay Area families care about waste diversion and that means ReStore receives amazing and unique donations every day.

sustainable shopping

Build Green

From gardeners building planter boxes to professional contractors renovating homes, builders looking for quality materials come to ReStore first. They know there’s no better place to save on hardware, flooring, doors and windows. They also know that their purchases are keeping high-value items out of landfills. Whether you use building materials for your work or for regular home improvement projects, sustainable shopping can make a big positive impact on our environment.

Supporting Habitat for Humanity

Beyond supporting reuse inside our stores, ReStore also supports sustainable development with Habitat for Humanity. From the foundations to the rooftop solar panels, Habitat is always considering the environmental impact of building. Learn more about Habitat’s “whole systems” approach here.

Rethink Retail

Sustainable shopping isn’t always about organic cotton and recycled plastic shoelaces. Sometimes it’s about discovering a stylish sofa that was donated because it wouldn’t fit in someone’s new apartment. Other times it’s finding the brand new dishwasher that Frigidaire donated because they overstocked their warehouse. ReStore shoppers save great items like these from landfills every day.

So shop for sustainable furniture, appliances, and decor at the Habitat ReStore! And don’t forget, you can also recycle paint and mattresses at our Oakland location, too!

sustainable shopping