Brad ReStore San Jose Volunteer

Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do at Habitat for Humanity ReStore. When you see a friendly face in a green vest at ReStore, that’s a volunteer! To close out National Volunteer Month, we’re highlighting three wonderful volunteers at ReStore San Jose. If you stop by the store, you might spot them fixing up furniture, helping out shoppers, or unloading donations. Whenever there’s a job that needs done at ReStore, there’s a dedicated volunteer ready to help!

Brad, ReStore San Jose volunteer
Brad fixing things up in the tool area

Brad, a trained electrical engineer, has been fixing things like radios since before he went to college. Now Brad volunteers every week at ReStore San Jose, keeping the tool area organized and fixing things around the store. Brad’s work gives new life to donations and has kept countless pounds of waste out of landfills in the seven years he’s volunteered at ReStore. But that’s not the only reason Brad volunteers. “It’s the people, fundamentally, that bring me back to ReStore,” Brad said. “It’s an opportunity to give back and use the time I have available as a retired person.”


Damian has volunteered at ReStore San Jose for two years, and his favorite part of volunteering is providing excellent customer service to ReStore shoppers. “I really like helping people find what they’re looking for,” Damian said. As a “hands-on person” the volunteer work at ReStore San Jose appeals to him. “If there’s a job to get done, hi, I’m Damian!” he said.

Victor, ReStore San Jose volunteer
Victor waiting to unload incoming donations

Victor is a jack of all trades, jumping in wherever he’s needed, whether it’s unloading donations or helping out shoppers. “Victor is a handyman himself, he’s able to do anything we ask him to do,” said Bianca Yrigollen, ReStore San Jose Manager. As a builder by trade, Victor is especially skilled at fixing and assembling furniture. “I like to build stuff, so that’s the fun part,” Victor said. But what makes ReStore special to Victor is the people. “Honestly, the reason I like coming here is because of the people. I get along with everybody here, they’re really nice people. I enjoy my time here with them, for sure,” Victor said. 

Brad, Damian, and Victor are just three of the many volunteers that keep ReStore running. ReStore diverts more than 10 million pounds of materials from landfills every year, and we couldn’t do it without volunteers who give their time to fixing up donations and helping out shoppers. “They’re amazing, they come in and they’re just so helpful and willing to do just about anything we need help with,” said Bianca. “I could be here all day talking about the volunteers.” Thank you to Brad, Damian, Victor, and all of our volunteers, who have dedicated themselves to the store that builds homes, community, and hope! 

If you’re interested in how you can join our ReStore community of volunteers, you can learn more here!