Curt Boyle has been dedicating his time and talent to some special projects as a volunteer at our ReStore in Santa Clara. A skilled electrician, Curt played an important role in setting up the electrical for the Santa Clara ReStore before it opened. Now, he is assisting with more electrical work as we build out a brand new break room for staff and volunteers.

“Curt is constantly sharing his construction knowledge with other Habitat volunteers and staff which when received turns into a priceless gift,” said Rob Topete, ReStore Manager.

Before his work at ReStore, Curt had a hand in most of our construction projects in the South Bay. His first time volunteering with Habitat was in 2003 on the construction site of the 13th and Julian homes in downtown San Jose. Most recently, he helped complete a single-family home on Delmas Avenue as well as the Vermont House, which will serve as a transitional shelter for homeless veterans. If he had to guess, he has probably worked on at least 45 homes since he got involved with Habitat.

“If you’re ever on site Curt always comes with a funny story or two from the many years he’s been around,” said Chuck Tadas, Assistant Construction Manager.

Curt and many of our volunteers like him are what make up our strong Habitat community. According to Curt, he loves getting to work with people who are spending their free time helping others and, of course, being paid in donuts doesn’t hurt either.

Thank you Curt for 15 years of dedication to Habitat’s mission!

2 comments on “Volunteer Highlight”

  1. 1
    Scott Davidson on October 28, 2017

    Curt, You are an inspiration to the rest of us, thank you for all you do.
    I’m interested in volunteering for Construction projects of any type for Veterans and
    SCC. Available most weekends, but not all, depending on time and health.
    Email is best. Thank you

  2. 2
    Margie Gaeta on November 25, 2018

    Scott Davidson, please get in touch with me. I’m a senior Widow that could use some help. 408-872-2111 maytex or call.

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