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Summertime is nearly here! But is your backyard ready for it? If your outdoor space is looking a little neglected after a long winter, now is the perfect time to spruce it up for the summer. Whether you’re throwing a big Memorial Day bash, or just want to create an inviting space to unwind, read on for our best tips on upgrading your outdoor space!

1. Create Shade

You’re never going to truly enjoy your backyard if you’re overheated within ten minutes of being outside. Create a shady, private oasis with a gazebo, with the added plus of mosquito netting to keep the bugs out! Or, if you need a more portable option, try an oversized umbrella. 

Screened Outdoor Gazebo
Outdoor Patio Umbrella
2. Revive Old Patio Furniture

Do you have old patio furniture lying around that’s seen better days? Before you toss it, consider giving it a makeover! Many types of outdoor furniture, such as wrought iron, are built to last, and it doesn’t take much to restore them to their former glory. You’d be amazed at what a fresh coat of spray paint and new cushions can do! Check out this tutorial on repainting metal furniture and making sure it lasts!

Patio Furniture Paint Tutorial
Outdoor Fireplaces
3. Add Warmth

Don’t you love that feeling of staying out after dusk in front of crackling fire on a cool summer night? Building a fire pit in your backyard is easier than you may think! Find bricks or pavers at ReStore to try out a DIY project like this from Family Handyman.

If you don’t love the idea of having to gather kindling or don’t trust yourself with an open fire, take the easier route with an outdoor propane fireplace! All the coziness of a campfire, with none of the hard work. Plus, ReStore has outdoor fireplaces in stock for just $199!

4. A Little Landscaping 

A wet winter has led to beautiful wildflowers all over the Bay Area. And a whole lot of weeds. If the state of your backyard has you overwhelmed, break it down into sections to tackle one at a time. Then, set up an irrigation system that will water your garden efficiently as the weather heats up. Check out East Bay Municipal Utility District’s tips on how to conserve water while keeping your plants thriving!

Lawnmowers at ReStore San Jose
Irrigation System

Whatever you need to make your backyard better, find it at your local ReStore! With summer fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to get your backyard into tip top shape. Plus, every dollar you spend on a great deal goes to building homes, community, and hope!