During my weekly treasure hunt at our ReStore location in Santa Clara, I came across this awesome buffet table. The mid-century design instantly reminded me of the high end table pictured below, that I’d recently seen at a retail store. Unlike the high end buffet table I saw, this table was only $35!  Although I loved the design and it was in great condition, I didn’t like the dark cherry wood laminate, so I decided to give it an upgrade.

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To give a retro table like this a more modern look, you’ll need:


Buffet Table $35
Brass Finish Spray Paint $3
Drop cloth
White Semi-Gloss Paint/Primer Spray Paint

To refinish an item like this, you’ll want to start by wiping it down to remove all dust. Next, take apart the table and put all the hardware in a sandwich bag so you don’t lose anything.

Apply two to three even coats of white primer/paint. Allowing dry time between each coat to avoid dripping.

While the pieces of the table dry give the handles and feet one coat of the brass finish.

Finally reassemble all pieces after letting it dry overnight, and enjoy your upcycled mid-century modern table!



Ruben – ReStore Marketing Coordinator

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2 comments on “Retro Upgrade”

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    Lucinda on February 19, 2016

    Love it Ruben! Beautiful and swanky job. I could use one in my house!

  2. 2
    Margot Harrigan on March 9, 2016

    This blog compares very favorably with many I see ( and just read) in many high end “shelter” magazines such as Real Simple.
    Great job of explaining process and equipment needed. Do include an estimate of time required if you are a rank beginner vs a “‘pro” at DIY.

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