Meet Christina

Affordable Dinning Room Tables at ReStore

Meet Christina: Habitat’s most devoted ReStore shopper

We love it when eager shoppers – the ones who thrive on the quest for a bargain – browse the aisles of the ReStore in Oakland, San Jose, and Concord. Christina and her family are those kinds of shoppers.

Christina’s journey with ReStore began 14 years ago when she decided to redesign her home.

Looking for quality discounted items was a priority, and she soon realized that ReStore offered more than just building materials; she could find unique home furnishings at incredibly discounted prices. It was a perfect match.

Over the years, shopping at ReStore became an adventure for the family as they undertook new projects like refurbishing their guest house and building a fantastic playhouse for the kids.

“As I look around my house, there is not a single room that does not have an item from ReStore,” Christina said.

From flooring to roofing, doors to windows, couches to tables, games to gifts, and everything in between, Christina has found what she’s looking for at ReStore, even if it has taken a bit of time. “We learned if it’s not there this time, we will wait and come back again.”

DIY Halloween Projects at ReStore

ReStore has also been exciting for the kids, making their shopping trips a family affair. “The kids have learned to save their birthday money, and shop Habitat,” Christina said. They particularly love the tool department, which can spark their creativity. Christina’s son Travis bought himself a Dremel as his first ReStore tool, and used it to turn some (ReStore-bought, of course!) insulation into an incredible handmade Halloween display.

It would be easy to keep ReStore a secret, but Christina likes to share the love. “If we see such a good deal, we have to let our family and friends know,” she said.

When asked why Christina shops at ReStore when she can afford to buy things new, her response is simple.

“It is not just about what you can afford to buy or throw away, it’s about making a difference. It’s about having patience teaching my kids you don’t always have to spend top dollar to have your house look like a million bucks…It’s about giving back to the community in a way that you know someone will benefit from your purchase,” she pointed out. And she takes heart in the fact that shopping at ReStore doesn’t just make their own house feel like a home – it makes “home” a possibility for more families, so that their support goes “back to our local community. Every dollar is worth spending with the ReStore.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.