living room makeover for $500

Thinking about updating your living room to give it a new look and feel? You don’t need professional construction skills or loads of cash to make a major impact. With the great discounts you’ll find at your local Habitat for Humanity Restore, you can complete a living room makeover for $500 or less!

A Living Room Makeover for $500

Retail prices can vary widely depending on where you live and like to shop, which is why checking out the bargains (and weekly deals!) at a ReStore is a smart place to start. Even our DIY supplies, like wood stain or fixtures, can be found at below-retail prices.

The Budget Breakdown

Using a ReStore as the headquarters for your family room makeover, you can spend that $500 to get a practically new space in your home.

  • $150 – Invest the most money in adding a fresh coat of paint. To save some cash but still make a statement, add a pop of color by painting a single accent wall. You’ll find discounted paint and primer as well as painting supplies at the ReStore!
  • $125 – You don’t have to replace all of your furniture to change things up. Spruce up a dated couch with new throw pillows and a slipcover, and then focus your energy on refinishing a showstopping piece, such as wooden buffet, bookcase or coffee table.
  • $100 – Replacing all of the room’s flooring could easily eat up your entire budget, depending on the size of your living room. In addition to buying discount flooring, you can save even more money by picking up an affordable area rug at any of our locations.
  • $75 – Let there be light! Whether it’s updating your bulbs to cast a warmer glow or adding a floor lamp to a dark corner, you’ll be surprised what updating the lighting can do to a room. If you have access to a sewing machine (and can manage sewing a few straight lines), bring some color and height to the room by making your own curtains.
  • $50 – Rather than buying lots of trendy decor, pick up a couple of houseplants and decorative pots to fill up the space in a clean and natural way. You could also pick up a new piece of wall art (even if it’s just for the frame) from a local ReStore.
  • $0 – Decluttering your room is free! Now’s a perfect time to get rid of knick-knacks, furniture, and other living room pieces that don’t fit the new look. You might even be able to donate your items to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. And if you have some budget leftover, consider adding a storage basket or two to store more seasonal things out of sight.

Sticking to a Home Improvement Budget

Ready to begin your room’s transformation? When it comes to living room makeovers on a budget, there are a few extra things to keep in mind before you start spending:

  • Consider the cost of tools and supplies, including things like paint brushes and hardware.
  • Repurpose and refinish rather than starting new, especially with decor and furniture.
  • Use our online listings to see what’s currently in stock and fits your budget.

Think you can pull off a living room makeover for $500? We look forward to helping you meet your goal by serving as your savings headquarters. Don’t forget to show us your budget-friendly transformations on social media using #HabitatEBSVReStore!

For more budgeting advice, consider Habitat for Humanity’s Housing Counseling services.

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    Donna McCarthy on November 13, 2018

    I would love a nice living room and bedroom but I can’t afford it

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