Summer is coming to an end and that means days will become shorter. How do you keep that days of summer feeling? Lighting!

Lighting at ReStore Oakland

Lighting – even artificial lighting – is proven to impact sleep, mood, appetite, and energy levels. Bright lights in the morning can tell your body it’s time to get your day started, while dimmer lights say it’s time to wind down.

Get ready for the long winter nights with 65% off ALL LIGHTING at ReStore Oakland, San Jose, and Concord from September 6 – 11.

All light fixtures including wall, ceiling, and wall mounts, floor and table lamps, all light bulbs, and shades will be discounted while supplies last.

ReStore carries a variety of new and gently used lighting fixtures from brands like Canarm, new indoor and outdoor light bulbs in a variety of shapes like Edison, globe, candle, and spot, and both desk and floor lamps and shades.

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