High-end Inspiration

This week’s DIY project was inspired by one of my favorite high end furniture stores. In the catalog, they featured a modern dining with
a wooden top with and a hand-cast aluminum base. It was one of those pieces I had to have! But at $900 it was just not in the budget.

Lucky for me the San Jose ReStore had just received a donation of restaurant style tables that had aluminum pedestal bases! The only problem was they came with rectangular tops and I needed round to complete my inspiration. So I searched our three other ReStore locations for a round table top that would fit. After months of searching I found just what I needed at our  Santa Clara store and priced at $15!


After finding the main pieces, the rest of this DIY project was done by simply detaching the tops and bases of the two purchased tables. I detached the rectangular top from the aluminum base and replaced it with the new round wooden top.


Restaurant Table $55
Wooden Table Top $15
Electric Sander


Next, I decided to refinish the table top because it had some wear and tear. To refinish an item like this, you’ll want to start by wiping it down to remove all dust. Next, take apart the table and put all the hardware in a sandwich bag so you don’t lose anything. If your table top requires more refurbishing, check out this how to site for more in depth instructions. Finally reassemble all pieces and enjoy your upcycled dining table!

-Ruben Bravo, ReStore Marketing Coordinator

P.S. Do you have a ReStore DIY project? We would love to share your DIY story in a future blog post!


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