Mellow Lavender Mattress Topper

When corporations donate home furnishings to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, they not only divert usable goods from landfills in a socially responsible way – their generosity means that we can sell new, quality items at incredibly low prices. Most importantly, these partners help us to build healthier communities through affordable homeownership, home repair, and housing counseling.

Mellow, an exclusively online furniture store that uses environmentally friendly materials to create unique and contemporary décor, is one of these stellar sponsors.

Mellow Bed Frames
Mellow Bed Frames

“Our team at Mellow believes that each one of us has the responsibility to give back to our communities and take part in building positive change. ReStore has been a great opportunity for us as a company to pitch in our efforts by donating products that we know best and have confidence in,” Yoojin Bae, Marketing Content Specialist, said.

Mellow partners with Habitat by regularly donating high-quality mattresses, memory foam toppers, and bed frames to sell in our three ReStore locations. And, they say, it’s a partnership that doesn’t just benefit ReStore, Habitat, and the community – giving to ReStore gives back to their team, too.

“Donating to ReStore helps build morale and stronger teamwork for our employees in knowing that the company we work for also strives to play a healthy part in the community,” Bae said.

On the business side of things, donating to ReStore helps deal with Mellow’s product overflow.

According to Bae, “ReStore is pivotal in supporting Mellow with controlling the ‘Reverse Logistics’ end of our e-commerce business. Logistically, the returns side of the business is one of the toughest to manage, and ReStore has been an important part in helping Mellow gain control over that part of our business…[by] helping Mellow to keep those materials out of the landfills and making it accessible to those in need.”

For Habitat, the partnership means a steady stream of high-quality products is available to customers.

Mellow Bed Frame & Mattresses
Mellow Bed Frame & Mattresses

“Our partnership with Mellow has been incredibly beneficial to the Habitat ReStore,” said Frank Atkins, Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley’s Director of Retail Operations. “With Mellow offering a steady influx of high-quality donations, we are able to keep our floors stocked with sought-after inventory, and our shoppers can depend on finding fantastic deals week after week.”

At the end of the day, it is all about the mission.

“We are aligned with ReStore’s mission in our hopes to see more housing opportunity and healthier communities that are able to support one another,” Bae said.

Atkins echoed this sentiment. “Most importantly, [the partnership] means that Habitat for Humanity has a reliable source of critical proceeds that support our work to build and preserve affordable homes in our communities.”

Want to join Mellow and partner with ReStore in a way that can benefit your business, ReStore shoppers, and the communities we call home? Contact our Commercial Donations team at or learn more here!