Living Room Furniture donated by ReStore corporate partner Blueground

Every time you visit a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, you’ll find a unique and ever-changing inventory of furniture, home décor, building materials, and more. A key ingredient in ReStore’s special sauce is our committed corporate partners who provide a reliable source of high quality pieces that ReStore can sell at unbeatable prices. 

ReStore corporate donors are more than home improvement or furniture retailers. ReStore partners with corporations from all kinds of industries who share our common goals of reducing waste in landfills and funding affordable homeownership! 

Dining Set Donated by Corporate Partner BluegroundProperty tech company Blueground is one of these unexpected and incredible partners. Blueground has a network of thousands of furnished apartments in 32 cities across the globe, including right here in the Bay Area.

“Collaborating with ReStore… was an ideal choice for us, given the availability of gently used furniture from our apartments that we no longer required,” said Marissa Guerard, Blueground Global Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager.

We’re so grateful for Blueground’s donations of high-quality furniture, kitchenware, artwork, small appliances, and more to all three of our ReStore locations in Concord, Oakland, and San Jose. Since the partnership began, Blueground has donated close to a whopping 100 apartments-worth of furniture to ReStore!

“Ongoing partnerships with generous donors like Blueground are what keep ReStore running,” said Frank Atkins, Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley’s Director of Retail Operations. “Blueground is special in that they donate a wide variety of high quality home goods, keeping ReStore stocked with everything from modern furniture to kitchen basics.”

Artwork Donated by Blueground

If you find Blueground furniture at ReStore, you know it’s a quality piece built to last. “Our organization actively contributes to reducing furniture waste globally through our business model,” said Guerard.  “We achieve this by owning and sourcing high-quality furniture for our apartments, thereby maximizing the lifespan of furniture and avoiding fast furniture that could end up in landfills.”

Donating to ReStore not only aligns with Blueground’s sustainability goals, but also provides an opportunity to give back to the community in a tangible way. “Every time a shopper purchases an item donated by Blueground, that’s funding for local affordable homes, home repairs, and housing and financial counseling services,” said Atkins. 

“We are incredibly proud to know that Blueground’s donations are contributing to the construction of affordable housing in the Bay Area,”  Guerard said. “We are dedicated to supporting initiatives that foster community well-being and are grateful for the chance to be a part of such a meaningful cause.”

Living Room Furniture Donated by Corporate Partner Blueground

Thinking about joining Blueground as a corporate ReStore donor? Here’s what Guerard has to say about Blueground’s donation experience: “We strongly recommend considering ReStore for your corporate donation projects. Their professional team has been a pleasure to work with, facilitating an immediate and impactful contribution to local communities by assisting those in need to build homes. Partnering with ReStore not only supports a noble cause but also aligns with the pursuit of a more sustainable future.”

Thank you, Blueground for being an exemplary partner to ReStore, our Bay Area community, and the planet! 

Want to learn more about how your business can partner with ReStore? Contact our Commercial Donations team at! 


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