After you declutter, you may be looking places to donate. If your furniture, appliances, or decor are in good condition, consider ReStore!


Thanks to the Netflix original “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” many are aiming to create spaces that are organized, and which radiate happiness. By using the KonMari Method to discard items that no longer spark joy, we can achieve our own space of blissfulness.

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As you begin to declutter your home by category, you will discover the value of space and minimalism. Being intentional about what is present helps us to be mindful about what we possess. Once the first layer of mess has been washed away, we need to consider the larger items that keep our spaces from being truly blissful. Under the clothes and books are shelves and coffee tables – the magnets for our messes. Consider the chairs you never sit on and the desk that has been lost under loose papers. Furniture, appliances, and decor can be a barrier to a free space.


Just as you mindfully select the items to keep in your home, be mindful of the things you send away. If you bring your furniture out to the curb, or call a junk removal service, the things that once brought you joy are lost. When you donate to ReStore, the items that you give will get a second life and bring joy to someone else. Even more importantly, the proceeds from ReStore support Habitat for Humanity. This support allows us to build affordable homes for families around the world.

If you go through the trouble of decluttering, donating should be the easy part. That’s why we provide free pickups that you can schedule online or over the phone at (510) 803 – 3343. If you’re donating something small, consider dropping your donation off at one of our three locations.

ReStore also accepts donations of paint, clothing, and mattresses. We don’t resell these items, but we partner with reuse organizations to recycle them and keep them out of landfills.

So, as you tidy up your home, think of those who don’t yet have a space to call their own. You could help build an affordable home for a family right here in the Bay Area when you donate to ReStore.

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