Allen + Roth Conversation Sets

Finding the motivation to enjoy your home’s outdoor space can be hard with busy schedules, rainy winter days, and cramped patios or balconies. However, getting outside to enjoy a cup of coffee or relax after a long day at work is scientifically proven to improve both our mood and physical health. Being outside for just a few minutes per day can reduce stress and increase self-esteem!

So, how can you get excited to get outside? By creating a cozy and welcoming space!

  1. Plan your budget. Because it made to withstand the elements, the price of patio furniture can cause sticker shock. Start your search for affordable outdoor furniture at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We have new and gently used patio dining sets, lounge furniture, fire pits, cabanas, lighting, heaters, rugs, etc. to help you create a space that you can proudly tell admirers, “Oh, I got this for a fraction of the retail price at ReStore!”Another money saving tip: To save yourself the shock purchase your patio furniture in the winter!

    Allen + Roth Fireplace

  2. Find good quality patio furniture with weather-hardy materials that fits your space. Choosing outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements means your investment will not only see you through the winter but also the summer months.

    A fan-favorite brand of Patio Furniture we love at ReStore is Allen + Roth. It’s durable, comfortable, stylish, and now 50% off at ReStore Concord, Santa Clara, and San Jose! Brand new Allen + Roth patio conversation sets, benches, firepits, umbrellas, and gazebos can help can add an instant cozy feeling to any space!

  3. Create a vibe. There’s nothing more alluring than relaxing with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and watching a fire’s flames dance and cast shadows on the ground, so consider a fire pit or gas fireplace. It’s also a great way to anchor your outdoor seating area.
  4. Add light. Strings of café lights not only brighten your outdoor space, but they up the ambiance with a lovely warm glow all year round.
  5. Think warmth. Whether you invest in a freestanding patio heater or bring out cozy blankets and throws from the house, adding a little heat makes your outdoor space more inviting and encourages you and your guests to stay a little longer.

A little thought coupled with some great deals means you can start enjoying the great outdoors even in the coldest and darkest months, helping to improve your health and keep you centered during your most chaotic moments!

Get started today by stopping by one of our ReStores to browse our selection of patio furniture, lighting, heating, home accessories, and more!