Marble & Stone Tiles

Do you ever get that creative itch to make something with your own two hands? ReStore is made for people like you with that DIY bug! Right now, ReStore has great deals on all different types of tiles, so you can get creative on a budget. There’s different options in stock from detailed patterns to natural stone to spark your inspiration. Keep reading to see five fun ways to DIY with tiles currently in stock at ReStore Oakland and ReStore San Jose!

1. Mosaic Coasters

Let’s start off with an easy one! These colorful mosaic tiles are perfect for trying out this tile coaster DIY. This project is a great, low-stakes introduction to using grout!

Blue Mosaic Tile
Gold Mosaic Tile

2. Outdoor Planters

Don’t want to deal with grout? Ditch it and try this planter DIY that only uses tiles and heavy duty adhesive. Try it with these white subtly textured tiles for a sleek modern look, or use the tiles as a blank canvas to create your own unique design!

Textured Tile
Large Tiles

3. Tiled Tabletop

Punch up your living room by adding some fun patterned tile to your coffee table. This DIYer even used a table she found at her local ReStore! By using square tiles like these decorative options, you can avoid needing to cut any tiles!

Illustrated Tile
Decorative Tile

4. Minimalist Tile Table

Simple and minimalist more your style? We’ve got a DIY table for that too! These trendy, retro-inspired tables are popping up all over the internet. Make this trend your own by trying it with different shapes or patterns!

Small Cream Tile
White Diamond tile

5. Kitchen Backsplash Focal Point

Ready to get more advanced? You can create a statement piece in your kitchen with a handful of tiles and a little elbow grease. With the right tile pattern, you won’t even have to make any cuts!

Patterned Tile
Patterned Tile


Remember to shop ReStore first for any supplies you’ll need, like a drill, grout, trowels, or even a wet saw. Our inventory is always changing, so you never know when you’ll find just what you need for your next project. ReStore is the only place where your DIY supply purchases build homes, community, and hope.

Now roll up your sleeves and get crafting!