wine box

You can find a wine crate that’s perfect for your next DIY project for just $5 at the Habitat ReStore!

At ReStore, our wine crates are emptied of wine, but filled with opportunity! Made from thin, yet durable wood with elegant engravings decorating the sides, these make for so many simple fixtures and containers.

wine box

With just a couple drawer pulls and bolts, you can turn a simple wine crate into a helpful drink tray for your bedside table and side tables in the living room.

Carefully disassemble a few crates and you can re-panel a wall or a table top with a charismatic collage of engraved woods.

Trade in your bike baskets for bike boxes! Attach a wine box to the front or back of your bike with just a jumper cable, leather straps, or a couple bolts. Just make sure it’s stable and secure before showing it off around the neighborhood!

Line your wine box with felt or cloth, pin or glue it in place, add a couple small mounting brackets and voilà! You have a spectacular little shelf for your books and trinkets.

Elevated flower beds can be tough if you ever want to mix up the scenery. That’s why mobile beds are perfect, especially if you’d prefer to do your clipping, spraying, and veggie harvesting on a table. To get started, just stop by ReStore for a few wine boxes, line them with recycled plastic, drill 3 to 6 holes in the bottom for drainage, fill with potting soil and start planting!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. We know our ReStore shoppers are some of the handiest folks around, so we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

These wine boxes are available for JUST $5 at our ReStores in Oakland, San Jose and Concord, so stop by today and get your creative project underway.