earth day

Calling all creative reuse artists and used-goods crafters in the Bay Area: ReStore wants to share your work to celebrate Earth Day with our 7,500+ social media followers!

Join us as we inspire creativity and encourage support for local reuse artisans. Professionals and hobbyists are both welcome!

If you aren’t sure whether your project counts as creative reuse, just send us a message! The most important thing is to incorporate used materials, such as reclaimed wood, used furniture or clothing, discarded electronics, or any items that might otherwise go to a landfill. Here are a few examples of creative reuse art and crafting:

We’re also interested in reuse projects involving reupholstering, repainting, refinishing, and gardening. If it involves innovating with used materials – we’re interested!

To submit your work for consideration, please email high-definition photos or videos, and brief descriptions of the projects. If your crafts are available for sale, or if you have a website with more information, make sure to include a link we can share for you!

Even if you’re just an admirer of creative reuse projects, feel free to send us the websites and social accounts your favorite local crafters, so that we can reach out and get them involved.

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