Reuse and recycling are essential to environmental sustainability. ReStore is here to help you go green more conveniently!

ReStore is quickly becoming a “one stop drop” for reusable and recyclable products in the East Bay/Silicon Valley area. For example, ReStore Oakland now accepts mattresses, paint, cardboard, and clothing for recycling.

Reuse and Recycle

Reuse with the Habitat ReStores

Habitat ReStores all over the world are known for our commitment to two causes: sustainability and affordable housing. Providing quality home improvement goods to the public at discounted prices is the best way we know how to promote reuse. And, a longer life for high value items, like antiques and appliances, means more opportunities for ReStore shoppers to live well on a budget. Donating also offers a chance for families and individuals to be a little greener whenever they move, remodel, or declutter.

In the end, the benefits of sustainability go hand-in-hand with our mission. The more waste diverted with ReStore, the more homes Habitat for Humanity can build in Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties.

So, what can you donate to ReStore to support our cause? Here’s a quick list of items you can drop off at your local ReStore:

  • Reuse and Recycle

For more details on what we accept, click here.

If you have large items, feel free to schedule a pickup online, or over the phone. If you’re donating something small, consider dropping off at ReStore Oakland, ReStore San Jose, or ReStore Concord.

Reuse with ReStore

Recycling with ReStore Oakland

Did you know that you can now recycle mattresses and paint with ReStore Oakland? That’s right! Mattress Recycling Council will pick up your mattress and upcycle it to create a variety of new products. This includes the springs, which can be melted down in steel mills, and cotton, which can be used for industrial filtering processes. You can also recycle used paint at ReStore Oakland through PaintCare. We accept latex paints, lacquers, stains, and many other paint products, which will be recycled and, among other things, used to make new paint products.

The Oakland Eco Park, where ReStore Oakland is located, is also home to two other reuse organizations: BioLink Depot and The Reuse People. If your business works with scientific equipment, BioLink could use your help. They accept research supplies and donate them to local educators for their classrooms. The Reuse People offer deconstruction services and accept a variety of building materials. This includes lumber, bricks, roofing, and more. So, if ReStore can’t accept your donation, you always have a few options just a short walk away.

You can also bring used clothing and shoes to our USAgain drop bins at ReStore Oakland, and help provide articles of clothing for people who need them. If you have cardboard or metal that needs to be recycled, just drop it off at ReStore and we will take it to a local recycling plant for a small fee.

Reuse and Recycle

Waste Diversion with ReStore San Jose

ReStore San Jose is located in the Environmental Innovation Center (EIC), a hub for sustainable businesses. One of these businesses is Prospect Silicon Valley This green innovation incubator hosts startups that are working on everything from electric vehicles to zero-waste grocery stores.

The center is also home to a drop site for the Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste Program. Some things can’t be reused, but it’s important for our environment that these materials are properly disposed of. So, in addition to all the items you can donate to ReStore in support of our cause, you can also drop off batteries, aerosols, fluorescent lights, and other hazardous materials that can’t go in the trash.

For a full list of what you can donate, make sure you check out our donation criteria page.

Thanks so much to all our donors and all the thoughtful environmentalists who recycle and reuse with ReStore!

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