DIY Holiday Decorations

Your family is coming over for the holidays and you haven’t gotten around to decorating just yet. Or maybe you’re looking for one more piece to pull all of your other decorations together. Whatever your situation, there’s no need to spend money on hokey holiday decorations that your family has already seen. ‘Tis the season to get crafty.

Crafting your own holiday decorations not only saves you money, it also invites one-of-a-kind decorations that are fun to make and sure to earn points with your friends and relatives. You can even get the whole family involved to create these festive holiday staples!

DIY Holiday Decorations

The holiday celebrations are just around the corner! Rather than purchasing decorations this year, see how enjoyable (and cost-saving) it can be to make them yourself. Pick up discount crafting supplies at the ReStore or use what you have laying around the house. You could even gift one of these decorations to that hard-to-shop-for person still hanging around on your list.


A staple holiday decoration, there are lots of fun ways to make a wreath. From colorful bulbs to festive balls of yarn to jingling bells that alert you of new arrivals, there’s a DIY wreath for everyone.


It’s tough to find a centerpiece that’s not too tall or bulky. Why not ensure the best fit for your table by making one yourself? These centerpiece ideas are sure to inspire merry conversations around the dinner table.


Light a few candles to set a cozy mood in your home for the holiday season. For an extra level of holiday fun, decorate your candle holders to match the joy of the season. These fun candleholder ideas are a great place to start and could be easily be adapted for a Hanukkah menorah!


Add a colorful centerpiece to your Kwanzaa table with a kinara you create yourself and decorate with the whole family. See how to DIY this year’s kinara.

Creative Lights

String lights can be surprisingly multi-purpose holiday decorations. Weave them in with garland, fill an empty wine bottle or vase, or create a pattern on a blank wall. Check out more great ideas to get creative with your lighting.

Holiday Card Display

Do you collect memorable holiday cards from family and friends on your kitchen counter or fridge? Put them on display by making a holiday card display for your entryway!

Non-Tree Christmas Trees

Who says you need a standard pine tree shedding needles all over your family room? Try another take on the classic Christmas tree with these crafty ideas that use standard household items.

Tree Skirts

Decided to go with a classic tree? Keep the needles at bay with these creative homemade tree skirts. From shabby chic burlap to glamorous sequins,  these DIY tree skirts are sure to impress your guests.


Your Christmas tree can always use a few more ornaments. Try your hand at a few of these festive ornament ideas to brighten up a barren tree.

Snow Globes

What better festive decoration to place around the house or give as a gift than a custom homemade snow globe? Pick up some glitter and see how to make one yourself.


Make your own Christmas stockings with everyday materials that you might already have laying around the house. Check out these DIY stocking ideas to get inspired.


Who says that garland has to be tacky tinsel or fake greenery? Craft your own garland from things like coffee filters, pine cones or leftover gift bags.

Holiday LightsDon’t have time to craft before the family arrives? Not in the mood? Don’t trust yourself with scissors? We’re not judging. The ReStore sells a variety of holiday decorations, including lights, lawn displays and all sorts of knick-knacks that will make your home look merry and bright without breaking the bank. See what’s available in the ReStore location nearest to you!

Have any DIY holiday decoration ideas that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Did you make your own holiday decorations this year? Use #HabitatEBSVReStore to share photos of your holiday-inspired masterpieces. We’d love to see your creations!


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